Parker Chapin often reminisces where his life was 4 years ago. An emerging life of music quickly fading away. Leaving an emergency room, despite what the doctor suggested. A daily lethal habit - benzos, cocaine, alcohol - repeat. An impenetrable obsession to escape his own mind. Uninspired, suicidal, directionless, and nothing to show for.

After two failed attempts at sobriety, he scavenged up the courage for one last stint of rehab in 2014 and left music at the door.

“Nothing scared me more than writing sober.”

After moving to Austin, Texas - music slowly began to cross his mind again. Writing music became a necessity like never before. He then met producer Brian Douglas Phillips (past producer of David Ramirez) after a show and began recording his debut project - ‘Shark Bait.’

Released October 2018, Shark Bait encapsulates Parker’s personal journey with addiction, heartbreak, death of friends, and changing a flawed way of existing. It has been regarded as one of the best Americana releases of 2018 by many. He dishes out a dim, apparitional vibe of Americana-Folk, coherently fitting with the destructive tales of troubled heartache, self destroying ramblers and lonesome vagabonds that reside within his songs.

Today, the young songwriter has a newfound hope for something better. A true artist with a raw, unique voice, Chapin leaves it all on the line. An unforgettable expression of love and pain. An example of a troubled soul that discovered a better way of living.