The first time you hear Parker Chapin - it's his voice that stops you in your stride. The insanity behind his lyrics paint a vivid depiction of the terror of addiction. He sings with a smile capturing the light at the end of a soulless tunnel as he invites listeners into his tales of trouble and turmoil. His music carries wisdom much beyond his age.

Chapin’s voice is distinct and his talent is undeniable. He dishes out a dim, apparitional vibe of Americana-Folk that coherently fits with the destructive tales of troubled heartache, self destroying ramblers and lonesome vagabonds that reside within his songs. In recent years he has discovered his  newfound sense of purpose through song. His message is applicable for anyone who has battled and persevered through the hardships of life.

His performing style draws comparison to Nathaniel Rateliff, BJ Barham, and Shakey Graves - a soulful display of heartache, depression, and pain with an energetic exposition of gratitude and admiration for music.  He articulates a journey of self-discovery through mental torment. He brings a new style to the table of Americana-Folk.

A near death experience in 2014 launched his motivation for his current stint in sobriety.

After getting sober Parker moved to Austin, Texas and has since embarked on his debut release (2018). He has played in various venues across Austin. It is not rarity that you see him perform at a house show either. Where ever a chance of interconnectivity through song is, there’s a good chance you will see Parker either performing or listening.

In twenty-four short years Parker has experienced more than most. From being strung out and homeless wishing for death - to finding his purpose in life and channeling his experience through song - He is a rare commodity here in the Live Music Capital of  The World. Ultimately, Chapin is on a mission to create a sound that connects with people anywhere he goes. Only time will tell what is in store for this young singer/songwriter. Be sure to stay tuned for his debut release date, follow him on social media, and come out to a show and see what he’s all about..